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Coffee and related industries exhibition – Iranmall

Event PlaceIranmall - TehranDateNovember 1402EventCoffee and related industriesShare

Exhibition date and place

We are proud to announce that the specialized exhibition of coffee and related industries was held in Tehran on November 24-28 at Iranmall in Tehran. This event was a unique opportunity to learn about the latest achievements and technologies in the field of coffee.

Introducing the Kaguya brand

Our brand, ‘Kaguya’, is proud to be one of the pioneers in the industry with a rich history of experience. Our goal is to provide superior quality coffee and provide a unique experience for coffee lovers.

Benefits and features of Kaguya coffee

Our coffees are renowned for their unique features and benefits, including superior quality, selected blends, and adherence to the highest standards of the coffee industry. Each coffee bean from us gives you a delicious and premium experience.

Local production and environmental issues

We are proud to announce our focus on local production and supporting local farmers. We support sustainable production methods and environmental protection in order to provide a quality product as well as environmental protection.

Adoption and cooperation with local producers

Kaguya brand welcomes cooperation with local producers. These collaborations help improve economic and social conditions in local communities, and also help preserve biodiversity and sustainable development.”

Results of the exhibition

After actively participating in the specialized coffee exhibition in Tehran, we are proud to announce that the “Kaguya” brand has been able to get positive comments and excellent feedback from visitors and colleagues and achieve a prominent position among its competitors.