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Kaguya, your companion on an enjoyable journey into the world of coffee

Each Seed,
A New Journey!

With great pleasure and pride, we, a subsidiary of Sabzebahar Fars Company, introduce the “Kaguya” brand to you. Since we operate as one of the pioneers in the coffee industry, our goal is to provide top quality coffee beans for every taste.

What is valuable to us

About Kaguya

“Kaguya” is proudly part of the Sabzebahar Fars company family, which is recognized as a reliable name in the industry with a long history in the production and supply of coffee products. With a focus on quality, business ethics, and commitment to customers, we are recognized as a trusted brand in the coffee market.

Best Quality

Using high quality coffee beans and professional production processes, we offer coffees with unique taste and aroma.

Commitment To The Customer

Our customers come first, and our commitment to providing excellent service and quality products is one of our fundamental principles.

Nature Lover

At "Kaguya" we pay attention to environmental and social issues and we use sustainable and environmental protection methods in the production of our coffee beans.

Our Goal

Kaguya’s main goal is to provide top quality coffee beans for every taste. We believe that everyone deserves a special and delicious coffee experience.

And for this reason, we try to offer a variety of products that are coordinated with a wide range of tastes.